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dryme -creating npm module

Hi world, how are you? So today I’m thinking about creating an npm module called dryme, because their is already one called towel. 🙂 lol here have a look: Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 6.33.40 PM Anyway this blog post is the off spring of my work today. So I’m working with mongoose, mongo & node.js and it’s a lot of anti dry patterns that I’m not feeling to productive. If you’re not a programming: DRY stands for Don’t Repeat Yourself. So like any good or half decent programmer, you want to reduce your workload. Plus A Good programmer is a lazy programmer – as the saying go; work smarter, not harder. So anyway Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 6.31.35 PM as you can see, as tradition go, you create your mongoose model then integrate it in your code methodically. Then come integration, Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 6.31.13 PM where you have to put the code from your model into your routes file. So anyway I just got the idea, It’d be nice if there was a module where you could just call the dry me instead of rewriting your model code. Maybe it would go: var dryme = require(‘dryme’) and somehow put it at the bottom of said model. then when your ready to integrate in your other code, you would just call that model, but instead of recoding, just call dryme in the body of that model. –Reality check– This is obviously a very, rough draft thought.

(– I’m by no means an mongo/mongoose expert –)

PS- Here’s to thoughts of grandeur code

Getting back on track :)

Lately, I’ve been programming & hitting the gym and trying to keep a fresh mind,


although that sounds good, I haven’t been great, I was late picking up medication, like a week because i still had some in the capsule, in addition i forgot a doctor’s appointment, although a boring checkup, but still though. So anyway I’m trying to put a bit more evernote & calendars in my life, I enjoy evernote & no this isn’t a plug for the company, but i have quite a bit of stuff there, but I haven’t utilized it in a while, so this is my rejuvenation. Especially since I’m gonna start setting up interviews with company’s soon as a node.js developer. So i need to be atop of what’s going on.



But other than getting back on schedule, like i mentioned above, i have been still programming & it’s still a process & some progress, Reactjs is awesome, lately i been learning about react router. And what i think that doesn’t make it to scary for me is because i been using express router & I’ll say that’s what’s given the some insight on how to see react router, because a router is a router, – a rose by any other name, is still a rose – so yea it’s been fun, but the thing is I’ve been all over the board, so i haven’t had much time to dabble in react, there are some hard parts i don’t quite get yet, but non the less, it’s still fun & alien to me. I’ve still been seeing c++ on the side of nodejs and that’s not gonna change. Any way I just wanted to write a quick blog post, an evidently i’ve done that. 🙂 cheers


Quick Insertion, Nodejs&C++

I haven’t been messing with c++ like i used to, until a 10 days ago, now I’m back on the obsession with c++ train. So yea, I’m still learning it, just recently I learned how to compile c++ in separate files, and this is what I’ve been wanting to do. You see, like 3 months ago, I was searching for c++ projects to up my knowledge, but what hinders me is my knowledge on the subject. So what I’ve done, search C++ projects & fork them to my repo, but didn’t know how to run them, because of separate files, but now i do, I have the gist of it, but still need to know the details of it. So lately I been seeking to up my node.js knowledge to seek a job very soon. And i haven’t had much time with c++, so I’m still doing node.js & it’s fine. I’ve set my self on a trajectory to have 3 full apps before i seek employment, and I’ve been doing that. Next week I plan to rejoin pluralsight, to push my nodejs skill further & gain momentum with C++, so that should be fun & engaging. Other than that, Been playing Bo3, getting back into chess and watching anime.

Anyway that’s all for now. Until next time, stay amazing.

Update on C-Plusplus


Currently learning pointers and be sure to check out my gihub repo, i save all my lessons their with my other code repos; here is a sample- Their really cool and easy to learn the syntax. So i have about 5 C++ beginner PDF-books, their all great but it’s chiefly 3 big books and 2 other are short books. I’m very glad to have them in my learning arsenal. So i just picked up Effective Modern C++ it’s more of a syntax guide, so i look forward to that after i finish 2 beginner books then i start to focus on the syntax. And i also have Thinking in C++ so, i do have a busy schedule. If i’m honest i only study c++ after i’m done with node for the day, and sometimes i don’t want to study to much after working with nodejs which is awesome as well. So the time i spend with c++ is really only twice a week, I really need to get more c++ facetime in my docket. So i will remember to put that in. So anyway that’s it. Until next time 🙂

Todo: Organizing Node resources

This is more of a todo than a blog.

I need to organize NodeJs resources. For an example I’m reading an article via strongloop & i think it would be nice if i can have organized resources so i can have them where i need them. For example if i’m in a bind where i need error handling in production, if said error occurs and i need it to send me an email. So basically all these resources are great, but they are not that great, if i always have to go out and hunt for them. So what would be better if i had some resources, nicely organized for me in a location for said occasion. I’m thinking i should utilize `evernote` or `google docs` for this task.

Studying C++ #p1

 One language to rule them all!


This is post 1 of a series of post on the topic of me learning c++ & i want to blog about it. So kicking things off, I have been wanting to learn c++ for sometime now, well about 3 weeks now I’ve been spending time with it &  I’m really enjoying it. I’ve been really learning c++ from 2 books of-course beginners books so here are the name of the 2 books: Beginning C++ Through Game Programming edition 4 & C++ without fear edition 3rd. This are really good books, they do a great job of an introduction to c++ through a beginners view. Currently I’m reading chapter 5 madLib in C++ game programming & chapter 5 in without fear. Both chaps are about functions. So before this, I learned about  vectors, standard lib, arrays, int main. Vectors are cool, they are basically arrays that are supped up, It’s been a pretty interesting journey thus far. Of course I haven’t traveled far, on this C++ interstate. At the same time, I feel like i should have been learned c++ before dabbling with other languages, but it’s cool.  Because c++ really makes me see, what i was doing in javascript. So anyway this is #p1. Hopefully i’ll get another post out soon.

#reminder C++

This is more of a reminder than a typical blog. But carrying on, I’m gonna start a blog series soon about c++ Learning journey; from beginner to my first contribute on Nodejs/node in 6 months. I’m probably gonna kick this off in jan, but this is more of a keeping up to date on my progress & not a daily blog. I like what Chris Dickinson is doing with his blog, on his progress with nodejs over so that’s more off the blogging process i’m trying to mimic. Anyway that’s all for now folks thatsall.jpg

Then again, on more thing. After i finish with that blog series i want to do another blog series adjacent this finishing one. And that one is more of after making my first commit to nodejs/node then documenting my progress from first commit to #90 contributor, from #90 – 80, 70 – 60. But again this will be only keeping you up to date with my progress & not sitting down going over all the wrinkles I’ve come across. So I’m not sure i’ll even do it like this, right now this is just thought.

Colonizing Keystonejs


As of lately my teammate & I have been learning keystonejs, what we are trying to do is integrate it in our application. We both are part time Fullstack-Javascript interns @learning-threads and so we are building a company blog with it plus many more functionalities, because keystonejs hit all the marks on what we need. So when we find the time, which isn’t much because of conflicting schedules, we try to read the docs & look over the code. Another drag is we are early coders to the technology we need to understand to get this done. But keystone is great, the documentation is nice. The trouble is (sigh) taking keystone middleware & dialing it back with express. It’s challenging but like a mother or father, when you have an issue you can always go back & consult the docs.
Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 6.50.07 PM

Keystone is complete new to me, I been dabbling in node & express coming up on a year, and i’m proud of that. node & express is awesome, the thing is when you step inside keystone, it’s kind of a different world hence the name of this post; but not a horrible one, a good one, a new one. And me as a not yet proficient node.js developer, But an early developer #zedshaw I’m still learning, but the latest lesson I learned with keystone, the answer is in the docs The answer is in the docs,

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 8.13.48 PM

I haven’t quite yet colonized keystone, but i know now with any upcoming projects, if there’s docs be sure to read them & get to know them intimately. So our team lead, just told us to simulate the task, and try to integrate keystone with a basic express app on a smaller scale, then when your confident in what your doing, then apply it to our company code. So I’m really happy about this open nodejs CMS thing called Keystonejs.

ps- I will do another post, when I’ve finished this task & planted the flag on this planet.


making models & routes


I watch this a few days ago; & just right now, I wanted to do a screen cast, like i did with ruby on rails, which i only published one of them to youtube. But anyway, i haven’t blog in a while, so i just wanted to get this out. And also just wanted to set a reminder: to blog more & do a screencast soon. #nodejs

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